SOLIBA - Tilt Level Switch for Bulk Solids

SOLIBA - Tilt Level Switch for Bulk Solids

The SOLIBA is a tilt level switch for bulk solids located in non-hazardous areas. It has been designed to provide high level measurement in silos or any other type of storage containers.

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jeudi 13 juin 2024

Tilt level switch for bulk solids



This tilt level switch has been designed to provide high level measurement in silos or any other type of storage containers located in non-hazardous areas.

Its operation is very simple: Vertically suspended at the desired high level point, the SOLIBA will tilt as the grain reaches the unit.

To secure your facilities at a minimum cost, the installation of a SOLIBA high level mechanical tilt level switch is strongly recommended, even if your facilities are already equipped with other types of equipment such as: rotating paddles, vibrating forks, radars, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors, etc.

The SOLIBA tilt level switch only operates when the high level is reached, unlike other types of level measurement devices that operate permanently

The tilt level switch must be installed at the opposite side of the arrival of grain and at a certain distance from the silo walls. This to ensure an optimal tilting operation.

 Technical data sheet - SOLIBA  (PDF 390Ko)


Technical caracteristics :

Switching angle +/- 10°
Use Silo filling stop
Power supply 250 - 400 VAC /VDC 50/60 Hz 
Cut out power 20 (8) A (20 A resistive; 8 A inductive)
Allowed temperature 85 °C  
Protection index IP 68
Housing material Copolymer Polypropylene
Cable 3 x 1 mmm˛ Neoprene
Weight 462 g
Dimenssion Height : 152 mm - Diam : 95 mm
Ballast 350 g résine chargée 
Cable lenght 5, 6, 10,13, 15, 20, 25 et 30

Recommended accessories


Fixing accessory strongly recommended for all suspended floats

  • Avoid the risk of deterioration of the cable
  • Easy installation
  • Precise cable adjustment at all times
 Technical data sheet - FIXCAB  (PDF 335Ko)


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