Level regulator with external ballast - SOBA

Description :



This level regulator is designed for charged liquids. When the liquide reaches  the regulator, the pear tilts and the mechanical contact will close or open the circuit, thus controlling the stop or the starting of a pump or an alarm.

If  two floats are used, one operating as a low level, the other as a high level, it is also possible to regulate severals levels.

The SOBA level regulator are equipped with an external loaded resin ballast 250 g, adjustable on the cable, which facilitates the rotation point of the level sensor and allows it to work in a wide range of densities.

Thanks to its +/- 25º switching angle, the SOBA ensures a very precise level measurement. The device can also be used in high or low alarm (overfill protection or protection against idling).

No wear, no maintenance! In wastewater pumping stations, in groundwater or irrigation, in fact, in most level control applications, this float is the ideal solution.

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Technical caracteristics :

Switching angle +/- 25°
Allowed fluid density 0,70 to 1,15
Power supply 12, 24, 48 VAC /VCC -  250 VAC /VCC 50/60 Hz 
Cut out power 16 (6) A (16 A resistive; 6 A inductive)
Maximum pressure 3,5 bars
Allowed temperature 85 °C  
Protection index IP 68
Housing material Copolymer Polypropylene
Cable 3 x 1 mmm² Neoprene, HR HY
Weight 200 g
Dimenssion Height : 170 mm - Diam : 80 mm
Ballast 250 g résine chargée 
Cable lenght 5, 6, 10,13, 15, 20, 25 et 30

Recommended accessories



Fixing accessory strongly recommended for all suspended floats

  • Avoid the risk of deterioration of the cable
  • Easy installation
  • Precise cable adjustment at all times

Documentation(s) to download :

 SOBA technical data sheet  (PDF 498Ko)
 ATMI brochure  (PDF 1301Ko)
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