Level Regulators with External Ballast - ATMI

Level Regulators with External Ballast - ATMI

The level regulators are omnidirectional float level switches that operate by tilting as the water level rises or decreases, thus closing or opening a circuit connected to an electrical panel.

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mardi 21 mai 2024

Level regulators with external ballast

Omnidirectional level float regulators

ATMI's liquid level float are omnidirectional that float under the pressure of liquids, closing or opening a circuit connected to a panel control.

You have to place the floats at the desired high and low levels, without level differential limitation, to obtain a pump control for example. A third level float placed even higher allows to connect a sound or light alarm, essential in case of overflow.

For a second pump, another float at the desired level will cause it to start, the bottom unit is common to all pumps. It is the simplest, most economical and most widespread level control system.Thanks to the very large range of ATMI level controllers for liquids, you will find the best level pear float for your lifting pumps and more.

Several types of weights, intrinsically safe relays and cable ties are available as options. For more information, see our Accessories section.

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