Drinking Water ACS Certified Float Lewel Switches

Drinking Water ACS Certified Float Lewel Switches

Floats level switches adapted for level detection in drinking water. Level regulation of a drinking water tank. Pump automation for drinking water.

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mardi 21 mai 2024

Float lewel switches for drinking water (ACS)

ACS certified float level switches

In France, since December 24, 2006, in accordance with the decree of May 29, 1997, any device and / or accessory in contact with drinking water intended for human consumption must have the ACS Certification (Attestation of Sanitary Conformity).

Some materials and articles when coming into contact with water intended for human consumption may cause water quality, organoleptic, physicochemical or microbiological degradation and may give rise to sanitary risks conditions for consumers.

Beware of sanctions!

Failure to comply with the ACS Certification during a control of the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control) leads to fines and a withdrawal of products and other penalties up to penals sanctions. To meet the current ACS standard, ATMI was the first manufacturer to develop switches and level controllers with special materials, all ACS certified.

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