Floats Switches for Pump Control - ATMI

Floats Switches for Pump Control - ATMI

Our level switches for pump control have been designed for a direct connection to low power pumps or to high power pumps by using a relay. The microswitch inside the level switch tilts when liquid level

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mercredi 24 avril 2019

Floats level switches for pump control


Float level switches open or close the pump supply circuit, either live or via a relay. The difference between the low level and the high level is obtained depending on the distance between the float and the point of attachment of the electric cable.

When the float level switches is used with adjustable ballast on the cable, it is the distance between the ballast and the float that determines the difference in regulation level (maximum 1.50 m recommended).Thanks to the specificity of our different float level switches, ATMI will find the ideal float for your single-phase pump and others.

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