Heavy duty float level switch - AT 120 HR HY


The AT 120 HR HY is a heavy duty float level switch designed for aggressive liquids. This float is encased in a HR HY (High Resistance HYpalon) press-vulcanised housing, which ensures a double waterproof, can ensure a regulation in very agressive liquids.

The AT 120 HR HY  is a float switch designed for the automatic control of small pumps (until 1.5 CV) .

Thanks to its wide switching angle of 120º, the AT 120 HR HY protects the pump's engine and the electrical panels from jerking. This feature is highly appreciated in agitated liquids.

Also, it can detect the both high and low level in the same tank whose hysteresis does not exceed 1.5 meter.


For pump control of several levels with several pumps in aggressive liquid applications, choose our SOBA HR HY float level switch.

Very reliable, it is used in a wide range of applications ...


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Cable clamp :

The cable hanger, also known as cable clamp, is an economical accessory frequently ommitted in installations. Its use is highly recommended to fix all cable-suspended devices (float level switches for example) in order to avoid any risk of cable deterioriation.

Easy to mount, the cable hanger allows the fixation of the electrical cable at the desired height and its precise adjustment at any time. 

Watch out! The use of collars or any other gadgets instead of cable hangers can seriously damage the electrical cable of the float level switch and affect its proper functioning. Unfortunately this scenario is frequently encountered in installations.



Externals ballasts :

The role of the adjustable ballasts is to define the pivot point of the float level switch. They are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of floats when the cable is hanging freely without any fixation.

This is most likely the case of the AT 120 HR HY  float level switches. This is the reason why for these models, the ballasts are proposed in option

The ballasts can be adjusted closer or farther to the float switch depending on the liquid agitation involved and if a very precise level measurement is required

Pay attention to the use of collars or other elements to replace the ballasts, which can hurt the cable and also damage the device.

- Loaded resin ballast 250 grs -

- Plastic ballast 200 grs -

- Clip ballast 275 grs -

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