AT 120 Level Switch for Pump Control - ATMI

AT 120 Level Switch for Pump Control - ATMI

AT 120 a float level switch designed for intensive pump control. It can be connected directly to pumps up to 1.5 HP or through a relay if working with high power pumps. Thanks to its wide switching angle.

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mardi 21 mai 2024

Level switch for pump control - AT 120


AT 120

This  float switch is designed for the automatic control of pumps (until 1.5 CV) . Thanks to its wide switching angle of 120º, the BIP STOP protects the pump's engine and the electrical panels from jerking. This feature is highly appreciated in agitated liquids.

Also, AT 120 can detect the both high and low level in the same tank whose hysteresis does not exceed 1.5 meter.

These float level switches are used wherever magnetic level controllers can not be used because of impurities or deposits that may trap the float.

This model is available with a HR HY (High Resistance HYpalon) press-vulcanised housing for applications in aggressive liquids (acids, solvents, hydrocarbons, etc .) See AT 120 HR HY

The AT 120 level switch is available in three versions :

 Technical data sheet - AT 120  (PDF 584Ko)

(1) VR :  Emptying/Filling

(2) VT : Emptying + ground wire


(3) VS : Special emptying mode with multifunction plug

The BIP STOP VR is the standard version. On request, it can be equipped with a cable with ground wire with plug multifunction  to activate the pump by connecting it directly from the plug of the float.

Very reliable, it is used in a wide range of applications.









Technical caracteristics

Switching angle +/- 120°
Allowed fluid density 0,70 to 1,15
Power supply 250 - 400 VAC /VDC 50/60 Hz 
Cut out power 20 (8) A (20 A resistive; 8 A inductive)
Maximum pressure 3,5 bars
Allowed temperature 85 °C  
Protection index IP 68
Housing material Copolymer Polypropylene
Cable 3 x 1 mmm˛ Neoprene, HR HY
Weight 195 g
Dimenssion Height : 170 mm - Diam : 80 mm
Ballast 250 g résine chargée 
Cable lenght 5, 6, 10,13, 15, 20, 25 et 30

Recommended accessories


Fixing accessory strongly recommended for all suspended floats

  • Avoid the risk of deterioration of the cable
  • Easy installation
  • Precise cable adjustment at all times
 Technical data sheet - FIXCAB  (PDF 335Ko)


Adjustable ballast are essential for good operation of the floats level switches.

  • Set the rotation point of the float.
  • Allow the float to work in a wide range of densities
  • Precise adjustment at any time to adapt to any turbulence in the liquid




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