Small float switch - TUBA 1"


The TUBA 1" float level switch is a small diameter tubular float that has been designed to fit tanks and cisterns having restriced access. Its small 1" diameter allows it to pass through the narrow openings usually found on the side walls of tanks. As the liquid level reaches the float, the mechanical switch inside will tilt, thus closing or opening a circuit connected to an electrical panel. Thanks to its +/-20º switching angle, the TUBA float level switch ensures a very precise level measurement..


  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Installation possible up to a water depth of 55 meters
  • Ecological float switch (no mercury, no lead)


  • Clear, clean liquids, rain water
  • Slightly aggressive liquids: oils, mud, fuel, paint, etc.
  • Level control of multiple pumps 
  • Emptying / Filling function
  • Overflow or dry-running protection
  • High / low level alarm


 TUBA 1" technical data sheet  (PDF 458Ko)
 TUBA 1" wiring diagram  (PDF 1074Ko)
Operation mode Omnidirectionnal
Allowed fluid density 0,75 à 1,50
Maximum pressure 5,5 bars
Allowed temperature 85°C
Protection index IP 68
Power supply 250 VCA /VCC 50/60 Hz
Cut-out power 12 (6) A (12 A résistive – 6 A inductive)
Housing material Copolymer polypropylene
Cable 3 cond. 1 mm² Neoprene or HRHY
Weight without cable 60 g
Cable weight Neoprene 66 g/m or HRHY 110 g/m
Ballast Loaded resin 175 g
Standard cable lenght (serie) 2, 3, 5,10, 15 et 20 m


  • The TUBA 1'' float level switch can be installed in 3 ways : fixed to a cane, vertically suspended on the cable with external ballasts, or horizontally mounted on the tank sides with a gland.
  • It is highly recommended to use external ballasts and cable hangers with our float level switches.
  • This model is also available in a slightly bigger diameter. See TUBA 1'' 1/4.
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