ATEX Atmosphere Explosive Environment ATMI

ATEX Atmosphere Explosive Environment ATMI

Explosive environment (ATmosphere EXplosive). ATEX certified level controllers for hazardous areas.

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Explosive environment - ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosive)

Since 1 July 2003, all level measuring devices marketed in the European Community and intended for use in the ATmosphere EXplosible must be ATEX certified to meet the requirements of the European ATEX Directive 2014/34 / EU.

It should be known that it is up to the operator alone, to determine before any installation if its production / exploitation site is in an area with explosive risks.

Explosive atmospheres formed by combustible gases, vapors and dusts are often encountered in chemical production plants, hydrocarbons, bioethanol, as well as fluvial, faecal, black waters that produce gases.

ATmospheres EXplosibles:

  • Explosive dust clouds: corn, flour, organic powder,
  • Flammable gases: city ​​gas, propane, butane,
  • Flammable liquid vapors: ethanol, acetone, toluene, kerosene,
  • Mists of flammable liquids: aerosol,

However, a non-hazardous area can become explosive. Here is an example: In summer, the water becomes scarce. The rare rainwater carries pollutants in their path. As a result, storm basins and other receptacles for urban effluents are in the presence of high concentrations of pollutants causing an almost constant explosive risk. It is therefore strongly recommended to take no risk in this area, the consequences can be disastrous.

To guarantee your installations reliably, ATMI offers the Soba EX level regulator, certified ATEX for explosive zones classified 0,1,2 for gas and 20,21,22 for dust.

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