jeudi 23 mai 2019


Description :


This level detector is particularly suitable for detecting the level of very light powder and bulk products.

It consists of two parts: The level detector SOLIBA and an stainless steel cone which allows to increase the surface of contact with the product to be detected and thus facilitate the detection of the level.

Its operation is very simple: placed on the inner side of the hopper or the silo, the SOLIBA SPECIAL level detector is deported under the action of the slope in formation.


For hazardous areas, this level detector is also available in ATEX certified version: SOLIBA EX P or GP for areas classified 0, 1, 2 (gas) and 20, 21, 22 (dust).



Technical caracteristics :

Switching angle +/- 10°
Use Silo filling stop
Power supply See SOLIBA or SOLIBA EX
Housing material Stainless steel food 18/10
Allowed temperature See SOLIBA or SOLIBA EX
Protection index IP 68
Cable 3 x 1 mmm˛ Neoprene or HR HY
Weight 762 g
Dimenssion Height : 210 mm - Diam : 200 mm
Ballast (optional) 250 - 350 g résine chargée 
Cable lenght 5, 6, 10,13, 15, 20, 25 et 30

Accessories :

The CABLE CLAMP is an economical accessory frequently ommitted in installations. Its use is highly recommended to fix all cable-suspended devices (float level switches for example) in order to avoid any risk of cable deterioriation.

Easy to mount, the cable hanger allows the fixation of the electrical cable at the desired height and its precise adjustment at any time.

WATCH OUT ! The use of collars or any other gadgets instead of cable hangers can seriously damage the electrical cable of the float level switch and affect its proper functioning. Unfortunately this scenario is frequently encountered in installations.


Documentation about SOLIBA SPECIAL :

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