A full range of accessories for level sensors

A full range of accessories for level sensors

ATMI specializes in level sensors for solids and liquids. For a more reliable measurement and to secure the equipment, ATMI offers you a complete range of additional accessories.

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mardi 10 décembre 2019

News - Float and Tilt Level Switches

A full range of accessories for level sensors

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

ATMI offers simple and reliable equipment to measure the level of solids and liquids in a tank or silo. When the level is reached, the detector tilts and the filling stops. By positioning several detectors at low and high levels the drain and fill functions can be ensured. For optimum and safe measurement, ATMI offers a complete range of accessories:


  •  External ballast for liquid level sensor which establishes the point of rotation of the float, switches, regulators and float level sensors
  • Cable hanger prevent damage to electrical cables. These cable ties are suitable for all types of appliances suspended by the electric cable.
  • Metal protections to protect the detector from the level of solids of shocks especially in the case of measurements of solids such as stones
  • Multifunction plugs for the automation of hand operated pumps They operate with the BIP STOP and AT 120 level switches
  • External ballasts for SOLIBA to establish the tilt point of the solid level detector
  • The pulse isolator is an intrinsically safe relay. This isolator can be used for all EX detectors, ie they can be used in explosive environments.
  • Finally, ATMI offers you cartons for the individual packing and shipping of level switches


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