SOLIBA a simple and reliable solids level measurement

SOLIBA a simple and reliable solids level measurement

Soliba is a mechanical solids level technology based on a very simple system. It is suspended vertically. When the solid in the silo has reached the critical level, the float tilts and contacts circuits.

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samedi 21 septembre 2019

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SOLIBA a simple and reliable solids level measurement

Monday, March 13, 2017

In many industry fields, the level of the solid has to be measured for a better control of its quantity in the silo or other containers. It can be cereals, grains, powders, animal food. The SOLIBA system is simple and then very reliable.

The float is suspended vertically in the silo and when the solid has reached the level it tilts and contacts a circuit to stop or start the filling of the silo. If the quantity of the solid decreases, the float returns to its vertical position. It enables a very effective and accurate measure of the quantity of the solid in the silo. Moreover this is very easy to install and use and it is an ecological system. There is no maintenance needed and it is very resistant to dust. ATMI suggests you different products of the Soliba range. There are tilt level switches for hazardous areas (Atex tilt level switche) and bulks solids.

An other advantage is the energy saved by using this system. Indeed, it functions only when the high level is reached and not permanently like other systems.

Soliba range products are designed to be used in various storage zones : grain silos, port silos, bulk storage.



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