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Float level switches advantages

Liquid levels can be measured through different equipment, from float level switches to more sophisticated devices such as radars, capacitive level sensors, ultrasonic sensors, etc.

However, nowadays the float switch continues to be the simplest, most reliable, and  cheapest technology for liquid level measurement applications.

If your facilities are already equipped with a different level measurement system, we recommend you to use a float switch as a high level alarm (sound or light) in order to secure your installations and to prevent any overflows due to eventual failures of the electronic measurement devices.

ATMI offers a wide range of float level switches (simply designed for an easy installation) that ensure safe installations in a multitude of applications: drinking water meant for human consumption (ACS certified floats), aggressive liquids, hazardous environments (ATEX certified level regulators), as well as other liquids, such as clear, clean liquids, wastewater, mud, oil, diesel, etc.

It is highly recommended to visit ColeParmer’s website in order to verify the chemical compatibility of our devices specially with agressif liquid mixtures. ATMI can only provide approximate chemical resistance information and samples for testing purposes.

Download our Product Catalogue that details the technical characteristics of our different float switches models:
 ATMI Products Catalog  (PDF 1301Ko)

Drinking water (ACS)



DescriptionFloat switches for drinking water applications
Special featureACS certification (ACS = Sanitary Confomity Certification)

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Aggressive Liquids



DescriptionFloat switches for acids, solvents, corrosive liquids, hydrocarbons, sea water, etc
Special featureDouble waterproof (a welded housing encased in a vulcanised high resistance material)

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Hazardous environments



DescriptionEX-proof float level switches for hazardous environments
Special featureATEX Certification for hazardous areas 0, 1, 2 (gas) and 20, 21, 22 (dust)

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Wastewater & other liquids


DescriptionFloat switches for clear, rain water, wastewater, loaded liquids, paint, fuel, etc.
Special featureCable choice depending on the type the application concerned

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