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Level control relays AT A

Water level control relays are regulators with normal sensitivity


Level control relays AT B

This high sensitivity level control relay is particularly suitable for controlling low conductivity liquids such as rainwater


AT 50 level control relays

This model of regulasonde allows you to evolve in liquids of normal conductivity, liquids of high conductivity or liquids whose conductivity can vary up to 100Ω maximum


AT 100 Level control relay

Multi-application regulator used to maintain the level of a liquid in two separate tanks, also ensuring the protection of submerged pumps against dry running.

Level control relays are regulators for conductive liquids that keep liquids within the limits between a maximum level and a minimum level and ensure the protection of submerged pumps against dry running.

The principle of operation is based on the raising of the resistance of the liquid through the control box on which are connected several probes (between 3 and 5 depending on the model).

The levels are controlled by special AISI 316 stainless steel probes, which allow the use of these devices in environments as diverse as deep wells, tanks, tanks and tanks. When the level of the controlled liquid reaches the regulation probes, the relay of the electronic unit is activated, and will not be deactivated until the probe designating the low level is no longer in contact with the liquid.

These electric probes offer the same operating possibilities as the regulators, that is to say, either in "DRAIN" mode, or in "FILLING" mode according to the connection chosen by the user. The electronic control box can be controlled at great distances up to 1000 meters.

Depending on your applications, you will find in our CONTROL RELAY RANGE, the device that will meet your needs, taking into account the conductivity of the liquid and the desired level difference between the probes.

The voltage at the probes being in alternating current, it makes it possible to delay the phenomenon of fouling of the probes by electrolysis.

Our devices can control via a relay, pumps of unlimited powers.

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