Level pears for solids float regulation

Level pears for solids float regulation

ATMI, the leader in float regulation, offers level pears for solids. These level detectors are mainly used in grain silos.

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mercredi 11 décembre 2019

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Level pears for solids float regulation

Saturday, September 30, 2017

To ensure safety in grain silos, ATMI, the leader in float regulation, offers level pears for solids float regulation. Let’s discover the effectiveness of this equipment.

The process used for level pears for solids float regulation, combines efficiency and simplicity. It operates when the storage level reaches the level detector. The latter, which is suspended vertically, bends under the pressure of the grains. When it reaches an inclination of 10 °, it triggers the stopping of the filling.

The reverse phenomenon also occurs when the level of the silo is emptied so that the detector returns to a less inclined position.

For non-explosive areas, our solids detectors are available under the SOLIBA range (SOLIBA and SOLIBA SPECIAL).

We also offer ATEX-certified detectors for explosive areas, SOLIBA EX P and SOLIBA EX PG. They meet the requirements of the European Directive ATEX 94/9 / EC. They are especially recommended for silos of flour, organic powder and corn that can create clouds of explosive dust.

For more information about the level pears for solids float regulation, you are invited to download the documentation for one of them below.

We are also at your disposal to answer your questions on our website.

 Solids tilt level switch - SOLIBA  (PDF 458Ko)


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