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Heavy duty float level switch - AT 120 HR HY


The AT 120 HR HY is a heavy duty float level switch designed for aggressive liquids. This float is encased in a HR HY (High Resistance) press-vulcanised housing, which ensures a double waterproof. The AT 120 HR HY can be connected directly to pumps up to 1.5 HP or through a relay if working with high power pumps. Its wide switching angle of 120º protects the pump's engine and the electrical panels from jerking, specially when dealing with very agitated liquids.


  • 120º switching angle that protects the pump's engine from jerking
  • Double waterproof thanks to its HR HY (High Resistance) housing
  • No maintenance needed, thanks to its biconical shape that avoids any clogging
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Ecological float switch (no mercury, no lead)



  • Aggressive liquids : acids, solvents, corrosive liquids, hydrocarbons, sea water, etc...
  • Emptying / Filling function
  • Overflow or dry-running protection
  • High / low level alarm
 AT 120 HR HY technical data sheet  (PDF 435Ko)
 AT 120 HR HY wiring diagram  (PDF 1411Ko)


Operation mode Omnidirectionnal
Allowed fluid density 0,80 à 1,10
Maximum pressure 4.0 bars
Allowed temperature 90°C
Protection index IP 68
Power supply  250 VAC/VDC - 50/60 Hz
Cut-out power 20 (8) A (20 A résistive – 8 A inductive)
Housing material

Copolymer polypropylene + HR HY vulcanized

Cable 3 cond. 1 mm² HR HY
Weight without cable 295 g
Cable weight HR HY 110g/m
Ballast Loaded resin 250 g
Standard cable lenght (serie) 3, 5, 10,15 et 20 m
  • It is highly recommended to use external ballasts and cable hangers with our float level switches.
  • For pump control of several levels with several pumps in aggressive liquid applications, choose our SOBA HR HY float level switch.
  • If your installation is located in a hazardous area, choose our ATEX certified float switch SOBA EX.

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